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  • Function of different types of paper cups
    Function of different types of paper cups
    In the paper cup purchase and safety knowledge released by the General Administration of Market Supervision, Consumers are reminded to pay attention to the use of paper cups when purchasing it, According to different function of paper cup, here have below type of cups: cold drink cups, hot drink cups and ice cream cups.
  • What are the advantages of paper cups under the green environment?
    What are the advantages of paper cups under the green environment?
    With the rapid development of modern science and technology, green, environmental protection, health, convenience and speed have gradually become the theme of people's lives. Disposable paper cups are the product of an era in the historical trend of focusing on the environment, focusing on health and paying attention to society.
  • Paper Straw production process
    Paper Straw production process
    Ruian Main Resource Paper Products Progress a variety of disposable paper straws. The material of the products is degraded food grade kraft paper. It is environmentally friendly, non-polluting, not easy to break. It can be degraded after use, safe and hygienic. The color paper straws are printed with ink, which is safe and does not fade.
  • Market prospects for paper straws
    Market prospects for paper straws
    The choice of customers for environmentally friendly packaging is the main driver of the growth of the paper pipette market. In recent years, the food service packaging industry has developed rapidly. At the same time, it has brought convenience to people's lives.
  • Will paper straws be widely used in the future?
    Will paper straws be widely used in the future?
    Paper straws are single-use, fast-moving consumables made from raw materials such as raw kraft pulp and recycled paper. Because of its compostable, biodegradable and recyclable natural paper, it is one of the best alternatives to plastics. In the report, TMR recommended that the food service end-use department is expected to drive the paper pipette market during the forecast period
  • Paper Napkin consumption trend
    Paper Napkin consumption trend
    Tissue paper is a thin paper used to clean the face or hands. It is convenient, easy to absorb, hygienic and small in siz
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