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Paper cups and plastic cups which better for healthy?

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Paper cups and plastic cups which better for healthy?

Issue Time:2019-07-02

We have found that more and more tea shops are not using plastic cups but use paper cups. Why are they accepted by so many tea shops? What are the advantages of paper cups?

1. Paper cups are more environmentally friendly. Compared with plastics, paper cups are much better in terms of environmental protection. The rapid development of industry has led to more and more prominent environmental pollution problems. The previous plastic cups were also replaced by paper cups, and the update of milk tea packaging materials has contributed positively to reducing environmental pollution.


2. Paper cups are safe and hygienic. When the plastic reaches a certain temperature, it will be deformed. When the temperature of the milk tea is high, it will be good. We all know that the plastic will be toxic after being heated, and it will produce some harmful substances. Taking into account the health problems of consumers, the tea shop has also changed from plastic cups to paper cups.


3. Paper cups have excellent thermal insulation properties. In the tea industry, when they started out, they all used plastic cups. At that time, friends who had had milk tea should know that plastic cups would be hot or even deformed after being put on hot drinks, so they were discouraged when facing milk tea in plastic packaging. Until the appearance of the paper cup completely solved the problem of insulation of the milk tea packaging material, no matter what season it will not affect the customer experience.


Although the paper cup is much higher than the plastic cup, the paper cup is the most correct choice for people's health and environmental hygiene.


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