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Function of different types of paper cups

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Function of different types of paper cups

Issue Time:2019-06-28

In the paper cup purchase and safety knowledge released by the General Administration of Market Supervision, Consumers are reminded to pay attention to the use of paper cups when purchasing it, According to different function of paper cup, here have below type of cups: cold drink cups, hot drink cups and ice cream cups.

1. Wax cups are usually used for cold drinks. They cannot be used to hold hot drinks. Otherwise, the wax layer on the surface will be easily melt and mix into the food, which will affect the safety of use.


2. PE Coated paper cups. Most of the paper cups on the market are PE coated paper cups, mainly one-sided laminating film (PE film) inside the cup. There is no laminating layer outside the cup, which can be used to hold hot drinks. It is not recommended for cold drinks. Because it is easy to form condensed water on the outer wall of the cup when it is filled with cold drinks, it is easy to cause the cup to soften, the stiffness is lowered, and the paper cup is easily deformed.

The paper cups produced by Ruian MainResource Paper Products are made of PE water-repellent film and environmentally friendly base paper. They are resistant to high temperature, are not easy to be deformed, and are subject to high pressure.


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